I'm Augustin, a maritime school student for the past 3 years, with a goal of discovering new horizons.
I have already wandered extensively throughout Belgium, a country that I am passionate about. The forests and valleys of the Ardennes that I have trekked through by foot have given me a taste for calm and natural travel.

Moreover, I am interested in all state transport infrastructures and all human constructions that are dependent on relief and topography. I always carry an open map in my pocket that I analyze. The construction of harbours, trains, highways, trams, subways, airports, and their interconnections throughout history fascinates me.
My goal is to understand the true measurements of the planet and all that it contains. Quiet and peaceful places outside of time, which are sometimes closer than we think, captivate me.

As a passionate old sailing vessel enthusiast, I am thrilled to be part of this adventure and to discover navigation on this type.